Bridezilla Attacks

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Lets get real ladies. Weddings are stressful, expensive, and a whole lot of work. We've seen the show and I'm sure that's a small subset of the population, I'm also sure there are also many "Bridezillas" who don't make it onto our screens. They want perfection and a tantrum that rivals a two year old ensues when they don't get their way. Lets talk about some ways to combat your inner bridezilla and take care of your friends and family who love you and are working to make your day great. 


First of all get organized and know your budget. There are a million free printable and online templates for budgets, timelines, and other wedding resources. Organize yourself and then set a realistic expectation of what your money will buy. You can't have a Cristal wedding on Coors budget, but you can find ways to make your dollar go further, and you can do it without people wanting to burn you in effigy later.  


 You have some friends (not sure about the ladies on the show) and they are going to be your team. Make them feel special. I was honored every time I was asked to be a part of these days. However the brides didn't make it about themselves. They told me why our friendship was special, why they loved me, and why they wanted me to be a part of one of the most important days of their lives. How could I say no? After that I would have run across hot coals for them no screaming and prodding needed. 


Another thing to consider is that not everyone has the budget to be in your wedding or attend every pre-wedding event. I've gone to a wedding were someone was asked to stand up with the bride and financially couldn't make it happen on her own. The bride did everything in her power to get her a dress and get her up along side us. Keep in mind that not everyone can come to every brunch, party, and shower with a gift in tow. Be understanding if someone chooses to bow out or if possible help them cover the cost and let them know they don't have to attend any functions if they choose not to.


 If you are having a destination wedding or have family and friends who live out of town understand the cost of travel and lodging, as well as taking time off, might be prohibitive and they might have to decline.  It's not a personal offense, it's just a hardship for people who live across the country and sometimes half way around the world. 


If you are going to DIY your wedding invites, decorations, and all that stuff make sure you pick a group you can count on. Let your family and bridesmaids know you need help with some things and make a fun night of it. Order takeout with some classic wedding movies as you stuff and address invitations and tie tiny bows on favor boxes.  Make the atmosphere fun and relaxing and people will be happy to assist you. 





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